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So, what’s O’Grill?


O’Grill – Good Food and a Smile!

O’Grill has been founded since 19th August 2012. Korba posed as the optimum 

location for O’Grill with its cultural originality, friendly ambiance and 

convenience. Initially, O’Grill centered on chicken cuisine offering flaming 

chicken off the grill in a number of tasty flavors and evolved to innovative 

excellence to sandwiches, shawerma and fettah dishes.

O’Grill is a fast-casual restaurant that provides a full table service as well as 

delivery throughout Heliopolis.

How did O’Grill expand ?


Over the years the high demand on their specialized flaming taste items, O’Grill focused more towards ensuring a high 

level of customer service is maintained. This has started by providing a short number for delivery service/complaint 

support served by an outsourced team of agents to attend to all the calls with full coverage. Despite the competitive 

market today,

May 2015 sponsored the launch of their second branch into Tagamoo3. Setup of 

the branch has an outdoors seating to allow customers enjoy the fresh breeze will 

having their meals. This ofcourse is in addition to their delivery services to customers 

located around Tagamoo3 area.

What do we specialize in?


O’grill specializes in flame-grilled chicken which is marinated in homemade seasonings. Seasonings range from special 

spices, Italian sauces, thyme and lemon sauce and mint sauce. We offer unique chicken mozzarella sandwiches in 

addition to the highly demanded chicken shawerma. 

Today O’Grill has launched the Diet Corner as well as Kids Menu. 

To top it off, O’Grill has extended its services to accommodate private

gatherings and parties to entertain and relieve families from the kitchen 

hassle of homes! O’Grill is proud to offer price-competitive platters in 

lavish portions such as chicken fettah, rice with chicken liver, rice with 

veggies and rice with chicken shawerma to complement your dinner 


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